A Unique Partnership

In 1988, MACC formed a partnership with the cable operator to administer the Public Communications Network (PCN) with MACC coordinating and helping to market the network, and the cable operator managing and operating it.  This resulted in one of the largest and most active institutional cable networks in the country, carrying data, telemetry, voice, and closed circuit video services between dozens of public agencies, schools, and libraries.

The PCN enables — on a single network — the delivery of highly effective, market-proven data, video, voice, and telemetry communications services.  More than mere cable connections, the PCN is a network of services, support, expertise, consulting, and technology. The PCN provides unique opportunities to experiment collaboratively with innovative applications and telecommunications resources and to employ them in the most cost-effective manner.

PEG-PCN Grant Fund

MACC created the PEG/PCN Grant Fund in 1999 as a part of the cable franchise with AT&T Broadband (now operating as Comcast). MACC receives funds from Comcast, Ziply Fiber, and CenturyLink to provide grants for Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access and for users of the Public Communications Network (PCN).

Grants are available for capital support for Designated Access Providers and for operating and/or capital support for PCN Users.

Only local government agencies within the physical boundaries of the MACC Franchise Area are eligible to apply for grants.

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